Verification of tachographs

Our authorized metrology center CZK 154 offers installation, replacement, verification and basic repairs of tachographs of buses, trucks and commercial vehicles of all brands.

We manage the complete management of your entire fleet, which you entrust to us. We keep track of calibration dates for you and keep you informed well in advance. Our vehicles perform calibrations directly at your premises or at an agreed location.

We also work on Saturdays for our long-term customers. Of course, if you wish, we can download the data from the driver cards and tachographs and then evaluate them.

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We will be happy to carry out the tachograph verification at our premises or, for larger numbers of vehicles, at your company.

Our on-site technicians are regularly trained and we always use the latest equipment.

We are capacity-ready for the increasing number of vehicles in transport with mandatory calibration of tachographs.

We are currently verifying tachographs:

  • KIENZLE – VDO Siemens
  • V/R – Stoneridge
  • Actia

We sell new tachographs and complete accessories, including DTCO tapes and tachograph discs.

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Tachograph calibration orders orders, replacement, tachograph service +420 777 434 872
František Zámečník Tachograph verification +420 777 535 189
Pavel Adam Tachograph verification +420 778 470 009