Logistics - warehousing

Warehouse premises with complete logistics are located in a new logistics complex at Těšovice 60, Prachatice 383 01.

We have equipped the warehouse with shelving to ensure that the goods are safely stored and protected. We store all goods, non-food type. ( Electronics, IT parts, sports equipment, automotive, and similar). Goods should be stored on a pallet.

We currently offer a total of 4,500 pallet spaces.


Each item has its own dimensions. We can adapt our equipment, including racking, to the goods in question so that everything is stored safely in the racking system. We are variable and operative.

Our warehouses are heated, with an average temperature of 17°C.

Picking, packing

There are other downstream activities to warehousing, such as picking and packing of pallets. We offer these services to every stockist. We can pick the goods onto pallets according to your instructions, wrap the goods in foil according to your standards and label the pallets.

Collection and distribution

In order to provide a complete logistics circle, we provide the depositor with all the transport associated with the stored goods. We will transport the goods to the logistics warehouse, store them and then, according to your instructions, prepare them for dispatch and handle distribution. We will arrange distribution throughout the European Union using our own vehicles or forwarding. Transportation will always be consulted operatively to ensure that your goods are delivered to the client in time.


We will issue delivery notes and the necessary documents for each shipment.

Warehouse software, reports

For proper warehouse management we use warehouse software in which all items, positions and movements in the warehouse are kept. On the basis of this software we will send you reports on the status of your stock

Warehousing, logistics

EXPEDICE I. adress Těšovice 60, Prachatice 383 01

EXPEDICE II. adress  Výrov 43, Husinec 384 21



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Opening hours of our warehouses: 06:30 - 16:30

Contact us

Ing. Jan Pinter Production Manager +420 775 297 163 jan.pinter@kutaservis.cz
Ing. Vojtěch Čtvrtník Production Logistician +420 770 147 401 vojtech.ctvrtnik@kutaservis.cz