Forwarding plays an important role in KŮTA SERVIS.

Our trucks move all over Germany, France, Benelux and also England. In order to transport your loads efficiently and also to use the maximum load space of our vehicles, we make use of the forwarding capabilities of the entire team at Kůta Servis.

Our dispatchers communicate in English, German and Polish. The experience we have is an asset to our client.


Kůta Servis has an established partner clientele of carriers that we regularly dispatch. Thanks to our long-term relationships and individual approach, Kůta Servis's capabilities are constantly expanding to include more carriers. Each carrier, each truck is managed by KŮTA SERVIS as if it were in its own fleet of trucks and has full 24-hour dispatch support. Each of our carriers has the ability to use the facilities of the new logistics facility for service needs or other options as agreed.


24/7 availability


We can arrange transport from a single pallet to a full trailer from Germany, France or Benelex to the Czech Republic. Each item is unique and has its own dimensions. We accept possible pallet overlaps, we transport europallets and different types of pallets. The dispatcher will take the necessary information from you and offer you the optimal solution for each transport depending on the time requirements.


We will transport your goods from any place in the Czech Republic to the whole of Europe using the following capacities depending on volume, unloading destination and time.

Contact us

Jiří Důra Head dispatcher - Prachatice headquarters +420 777 434 872
Zuzana Skřípalová Transport Dispatcher - own vehicles +420 777 434 871
Vojtěch Čtvrtník Transport Dispatcher - Vans +420 770 147 401
Štěpán Novák Transport Dispatcher - Forwarding +420 777 497 118
Roman Zecha Transport Dispatcher - Forwarding - Žamberk branch +420 778 529 576