Truck wash

We are equipped with professional washing equipment for trucks - tractors, semi-trailers, buses ... Optional washing program will ensure your truck the desired cleanliness and shine. We apply only environmentally friendly products and filter the used water many times.

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The washing process is carried out in several steps. First, we clean the vehicle of coarse dirt using a hand pressure wash with an environmentally friendly detergent, followed by a thorough cleaning of the tanks and wheel rims. After these steps, the washing line is started, which has two vertical brushes and one horizontal brush. In the first stage, the washing process includes cleaning the front, side, roof and rear of the car with wax spray. In the second stage, the wax is rinsed off and the car is washed clean.

The washing line contains many variable programs and can be coordinated according to the customer's wishes.

We are open for our customers every working day from 7:00 to 16:00. Vehicle washing can also be arranged outside of regular washing times by telephone agreement.

For the sake of smooth running and sufficient readiness of the car wash line, we always ask you to make a reservation by phone, indicating the desired arrival time and number of vehicles.

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